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If you haven't noticed already,
As more and more platforms create new and fun ways to share video content, its important to trust someone who's grown right alongside them. Whether it's creating micro-content for social platforms, filming content for your website, formatting TV Spots for Broadcast or OTT, or even setting up post production workflows, Dan's got it covered.

Like, Share, Subscribe.

Dan also comes with years of experience editing for some the internet's biggest YouTube channels. From ScreenRant, to TheGamer, CBR, Dr. Mike, or Goalcast, he's well versed in editing for Social Media and knows what versions you need for each platform!

Linear, OTT, and other Marketing Buzzwords.

Dan's experience also lends itself to traditional formats of video as well. He has experience getting video ready for OTT Apps, knows what Linear Broadcast standards must be met to send to TV Stations, and has worked on setting up full video marketing campaigns.


Editor, Graphics

Editor, Graphics


Lights, Camera, Action.

(and also sound)

Used to working as a "One Man Band" (one Dan Band?) on set, Dan has the experience behind camera to get the shots you need for your project. From RED Cinema Cameras to Sony DSLR's, his unique eye is perfect for your next project.

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